Our Beliefs

At Frost Creek, what we believe is summed up by Wesleyan doctrine and our own Core Values.

God’s Word is our source for truth, guidance and knowledge for life. In order for us to know how to be like Jesus we must know him. We are committed to reading God’s Word and allowing it to guide our personal lives as well as our community life as a church.

Psalm 119:105; Luke 6:43-45; Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy3:14-16

Our Vision

Our mission statement is simple - Knowing Jesus. Being Jesus.

Our desire to Know Jesus goes beyond learning facts or simply repeating a prayer; it is a relationship that is built through work and commitment. The ways we work to build our relationship with Jesus has changed over the years, but the foundation of our knowledge has not—God’s Word.

We not only work to know Jesus, but we strive to express our relationship with Jesus to others. We are continually presented with opportunities to Be Jesus to those around us, and the deeper we know Jesus, the better equipped we are to serve.